Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Bitcoin to 1 Million by 2025

By Feb 28, 2024

Can Bitcoin hit 1,000,000 Price by 2025? Billionaires and Cryptocurrency experts seem to think that 2025 is the year Bitcoin could possibly reach near million price.

For this to happen the price of 1 BTC would have to increase by 30X times roughly. Which sounds small, but it is not. See the price of the main digital asset has already increased by, 46909974.71% adding another 3000% onto this figure is going to be the biggest leap in cryptocurrency history.

Elon Musk has openly stated in 2021 that Bitcoin price is going to be near million by 2025.

John McCafee very boldly said in 2017, that 1,000,000 is going to happen in 2020! Close call, the price hit all time high of 70,000$.

Even several high ranking US politicians have invested large sums of USD$ into the first ever digital asset this year.

Bullcoins estimate for Bitcoin in the next 1.5 Years is between 150K and 200K Peak and 24K Low

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