July Market Statistics and 5 Best Coins to Trade

By Bullcoins.info Jul 10, 2024


The Cryptocurrency Market has experienced a slight dip on the beginning of the month both in overall prices of the main cryptos and in the volume traded. The lowest quarterly Bitcoin Price was registered late on Wednesday at 53,900$. Bitcoin has recovered this step increment relatively quickly breaking 59,000$, 4 days later. Several “whale” liquidations of Bitcoin have taken place recently, most notably the 800$M+ Share of BTC sold by the German Government amounting to roughly 14,000 Bitcoins. The Altcoin market has also briefly taken an unexpected dip, with some coins falling as much as 60% Some of the biggest Market Capital losers in the June to July 2024 Period were as displayed below:

Starknet (STARK)

Starknet has experienced one of the sharpest declines among the Altcoins this month. The assets price has fallen by nearly 50%, when compared shoulder to shoulder with its June Price Chart.

Arweave (AR)

Arweave continues its descent from the near 50$ Price in May 2024. AR has dipped to a low point of 20.26$ early on in the month, trader sentiment remains low for this crypto event though experts signal a possible re-ignition of investments.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom Coin has fallen from a mid June Price of nearly 0.7$ to a, 2024 Yearly low point of just below 0.4$ Per FTM.

Other Altcoins that have significantly dipped recently include: Chilliz, Ark, Ethena, Ordinals, Gala, Floki and Jasmy Coin. Watchful traders have been scooping up these popular cryptos at what appear to be rock-bottom prices, for the time being.

5 Best Coins to Trade in July

After a market dip such as the one that has taken place recently, there are many trading options that could bring great short term and possibly even longer term profits. Choosing the correct coin or coins to trade will largely depend on your trading preferences, but here are the Top 5 Altcoins that are worth considering: Ripple (XRP) Near Protocol (NEAR) Polkadot (DOT) Solana (SOL) Eos (EOS).

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