Bitcoin Price “takes off” after halving event

By Apr 21, 2024

Bitcoin is set for a post halving Bullish-streak

Holders of BTC who had dumped the currency for USDT pre-halving are now set to reclaim their stake in Bitcoin in hopes of another price spike in 2024. Bitcoin has achieved a record high price of 73,000$ on March 13. before plummeting to 60,000$ again in April. Many traders decided to dump the digital coin before its automated block reward halving was announced to take place on April 20th.

Currently the market seems to be recovering and the charts are displaying real potential for another bullish market in late April and May 2024. This is in part happening due to the halving itself, and the hype that’s been overcoming the event for the past month. It has been speculated that the increase in scarcity of new coins mined or minted every day will drive the prices further towards 100,000$.

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