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Top 5 Altcoins below 100M Market Cap

By Apr 20, 2024

Not financial investment advice. The post is compiled for informational purposes and cryptocurrency market evaluation or speculation. This list doesn’t contain meme or parody coins.

Velo (VELO)

Velo Labs is building a unique federated credit exchange network. This network is powered by the Velo Protocol, which is a blockchain financial protocol enabling digital credit issuance and borderless asset transfers for businesses using a smart contract system. The project’s core mission is to enable partners to safely and securely transfer value between each other in a timely and transparent way. To do this, the Velo Protocol enables its partners to issue digital credits via a smart contract layer, using the Stellar Consensus Protocol to process and settle transactions. Within its ecosystem, the Velo Protocol enables multiple business use cases that are all based on its core function: issuing collateral-backed digital credits, which correspond to any fiat currency that can be used for frictionless value transfer.

Heroes of Mavia (MAVIA)

Heroes of Mavia is a mobile free-to-play Web3 MMO Strategy game developed by Skrice Studios. The game takes place in a fantasy-themed island called Mavia, where players build bases on plots of land and battle neighboring bases and armies to earn in-game resources, such as Gold, Oil and Ruby. Players must strategically place defensive buildings on their base such as walls, turrets and traps, in order to defend against opportunistic attackers looking to steal resources. Resources can also be stolen from rival bases through attacking opponents with land troops, vehicle and air units. Ruby is earned through battling enemy armies, and can be used to upgrade Land, Statue and Hero NFTs.

Stella (ALPHA)

Stella is the leveraged strategies protocol with 0% cost to borrow. Stella’s mission is to redefine how leveraged DeFi works. DeFi needs a good leverage system in order to drive more usages on DEXes and money markets, the fundamental building blocks of DeFi. With growing usages on these fundamentals, more protocols and new innovations can arise and tap into the deep liquidity and robust foundation.

Stella strives to become the go-to destination for DeFi users to access maximum yield potential. Whatever on-chain strategies that users want to use on leverage (and safe enough to be supported), then Stella will support at 0% cost to borrow.

The protocol is made up of two parts: Stella Strategy and Stella Lend. * Stella Strategy: Users can access multiple selections of leveraged strategies with 0% borrowing interest for the first time and get yields on leverage.

  • Stella Lend: Lenders can lend assets to the lending pools on Stella and get real yields. Yields generated from Stella Strategy are shared to lenders.

Everscale (EVER)

Everscale’s infinite scalability has been envisioned in its architecture since its inception. It is achieved by means of dynamic sharding, described in detail in the technical whitepaper. The reason for scalability was primarily dictated by the blockchain’s goal to accommodate a billion or even more users. Consequently, such a large customer base requires a high volume of transaction processing per second.

This approach comes in contrast to the one Ethereum took, resorting to scalability just recently. The decision to scale was triggered by capacity limitations and high transaction costs. However, despite strong efforts, Ethereum is not yet successful. There are many solutions being researched and tested, such as rollups and different sharding approaches. The results remain to be seen in practice.

Pheonix (PHB)

Phoenix is a Layer 1 and Layer 2 blockchain infrastructure, empowering intelligent Web3 applications, focusing on the next generation of AI & Privacy-Enabled Web3 Apps. Phoenix (PHB) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) platform.

Where to trade?

All of these cryptocurrencies are available for spot and futures trading on, one of the most secure exchanges available.

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