What’s the Best Doge Coin?

By Bullcoins.info Dec 7, 2023

What is the best dog coin? In this article we will go over the most popular “floof” themed memecoins to determine which one has the most fan following, market volume, profit percentages and overall acceptance.

Doge Elon

Total market cap: 70,000,000$ | Hype rating: Medium | Profit potential: Medium

Dogelon Mars was started in early 2021 and has since reached fairly high trading levels, it was even in the Top100 Market Capitalizations in the launch year period.

Kishu Inu

Total market cap: 20,000,000$ | Hype rating: Medium | Profit potential: High

Kishu Inu is a more moderate take on a dog themed cryptocoin, featuring the white Kishu dog breed instead of the conventional Shiba. It has won the hearts of many hodlers and traders.

Doge Original

Total market cap: 8-9B$ | Hype rating: High | Profit potential: Moderate

Doge is the first ever memecoin created a long time ago, 2014 to be precise. Since then, millions of holders have contemplated if it will ever reach popularity, and the majority of them sold their share in Doge empire only to find out that its now worth thousands of times more than it was back in 2015.

Shiba Inu

Total market cap: 5B$ | Hype rating: High | Profit potential: High |

Cartoon Shiba or Shiba Inu was launched after the original yellow dog became a billionaire, it attempted to expand the meme market with yet another memecoin and it was very successful, the two have become rivals in the Top 15 Market valuation list.

Shiba Floki

“Viking Dog Coin ” Or Shiba Floki.

Market : 200,000,000$ | Hype rating: Medium | Profit potential: Moderate |

Floki enjoys a large following, the projects originality and quality has appealed to many holders who prefer Floki over the other 4 main dogs.

The Winner

Shiba Inu

It could only be the Shiba Inu, its following surpasses any of the other ones and is the most adored by fans. People are expecting great things from SHIB in the coming period.

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