Record Gains for the RNDR Token

By May 7, 2024

Render Networks Token “RNDR” is the biggest gainer on the crypto market in the first 7 days of May. The Cryptocurrency has risen by an impressive 45%, its total accumulated market capital is now over 4B$ with a Total Return of Investment since creation of about 26.000%.

Why is RNDR Price Increasing?

The innovations on the Render Network have spiked an increased investor interest. Notably the RNDR Token is switching its Protocol from Ethereum Based ERC-20 Tokens to Solana which has been hugely gaining on reputability in 2024.

Render’s increase in tech developments and a massively larger community engagement in Q1 and Q2 of this year have most likely helped fuel the RNDR Frenzy in May. OctaneX is the latest collaboration of Render and Apple to create the fastest rendering software currently on the market.

The above animation was created utilizing the Render Network.

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