krest Network (KREST) Price Prediction for 2024,2025,2026,2030!

By Apr 19, 2024


krest is peaq’s canary network.

krest is the home for socio-economic, technical, community, and governance innovation and experimentation in the peaq ecosystem. This is the place where the peaq community can launch dApps and tools to assess their impact in a production environment without running the risk of causing real-world harm.

Simulation, the use of computers to digitally model a specific process or event without having to conduct it in the real world, has become a crucial part of many of today’s industries. In manufacturing, it enables companies to experiment with production line setups and other variables without having to invest money and time in costly real-world modifications; startups similarly rely on simulations to tailor their products to the market faster. While simulations usually run on a purely digital basis, krest brings this up a notch, giving projects building on peaq an environment for live tests leveraging real Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and connections.

Long-term price prediction

Presented below is a price prediction that was made using available market and coin information to predict real case scenarios on the blockchain. offers informational price predictions and not financial investment advice.

YearEst. Min. PriceEst. Max. Price

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