Hot Newly Launched Coins

By May 1, 2024

The post is compiled for informational purposes and cryptocurrency market evaluation or speculation. This list doesn’t contain meme or parody coins.

Recently launched tokens on the blockchain bring a unique opportunity for getting in on a project early, off course the date of launch alone is never an absolute sign of quality. Here is a short recap of this weeks best newly launched crypto coins.

Renzo (REZ)

Renzo is a Liquid Restaking Token (LRT) and Strategy Manager for EigenLayer. It is the interface to the EigenLayer ecosystem securing Actively Validated Services (AVSs) and offering a higher yield than ETH staking.

The protocol abstracts all complexity from the end-user and enables easy collaboration between users and EigenLayer node operators.

Kamino Finance (KMNO)

Kamino Finance was originally created to offer users the easiest possible way of providing liquidity and earning yield on-chain.

The protocol’s one-click, auto-compounding concentrated liquidity strategies quickly became the most popular LP products on Solana, and laid the foundation for what Kamino is now.

Today, Kamino is a first-of-its-kind DeFi protocol that unifies Lending, Liquidity, and Leverage into a single, secure DeFi product suite. On Kamino, users can:

  • Borrow and lend their assets
  • Provide leveraged liquidity to concentrated liquidity DEXs
  • Build their own automated liquidity strategies
  • Use concentrated liquidity positions as collateral

Kamino’s product suite is packaged into an industry-leading UX that offers transparent analytics, detailed performance data, and extensive position info.

Meson Network (MSN)

Meson Network is trying to create the world’s largest bandwidth marketplace in the future. Here, users can exchange their unused bandwidth resources with Meson for tokens, and those who need bandwidth will come to Meson’s market to borrow bandwidth anywhere in the world.

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