Do Monday trends last all week

By Dec 1, 2023

People often claim that the coins with trending status on Mondays will be there to claim the most profit all week long, but is this statement even true? Surely it cant be completely false and the logic seems to be rooted in realistic possibilities.

Looking back at the past trending tokens it seems that in about 50-60% of cases this claim can turn out to be true, but their trending status doesn’t always drastically affect the price as much as the volume after a one-day peak.

In the last week of November 2023. The Trending coins on the start of the week were:

  • Pyth Network
  • Bitcoin
  • USTC
  • Luna Terra Classic
  • Solana
  • Chainlink

All of these cryptos remained in the top trending lists during the whole week with several peaks in different times, but also for different reasons that were pushing for these pairs. Its never always completely accurate to say that a coin which is trending one day will be there in the coming days.

The trending coins this week are all showing a similar chart pattern with a gradual growth day-by-day starting from Monday.

Bitcoin Price Chart Nov 25.

As seen on this candle chart the price of Bitcoin has had 3 price spikes, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the one week interval.

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