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Are Presales still worth it?

By Mar 28, 2024


No part’s of this article constitute financial investment advice. The post is compiled based on available information and is intended solely for informative and reading purposes.

To give you a short answer: Yes, presales can be worth it , but this is not always the case. Lots of new coins have a presale and there are a lot of quality projects, but also there’s a lot of untrustworthy ones out there. In this post we go over the do’s and don’ts of cryptocurrency presales.

Meme Coin Presales

There is nothing wrong with meme coins, investing in one of them can bring good profit yields. The main factor with them is obviously hype and fan following. When searching for this type of asset, look for clear signs of quality. Search for niches that are well known, with lots of original content. Check their media exposure, backers, investors and sponsors, this information should be clearly visible on the main page of any token-sale.

Don’t invest in projects that don’t have a clear payment management system! If the project team just places their Ethereum wallet address in the middle of their website and asks you to send funds directly to it, that’s one of the biggest red flags you should look for. Keep in mind that some meme projects can be short lived once they hit exchanges, because lots of people that bought at a low price will dump them as soon as they hit the market.

Too good to be true : If it seems too good, it probably is. Example : A project boasts about creating a massive cutting-edge blockchain that will overcome all and become Number 1. Yet they don’t even have a working prototype and their website seems sketchy. Better avoid it, because honestly Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB are very good at what they are designed for and there isn’t a particularly good reason to reinvent them.

Utility Coin Presales

Assets that actually have a real-world case use for them. They can be Blockchains, Price Prediction algorithms, Gaming related projects, Payment providers and such. Read the project information closely to find out what exactly it is about and how it fits the needs of the solution it’s trying to make.

These coins have an advantage over meme coins because they tend to last much longer and can reach higher peak numbers. Hype and Following can be important but it’s not a deciding factor, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Telegram following can be a plus however,

Final word

If you are able to find a good presale that is backed by a quality project then the profits may be favorable to your wallet. Pick for yourself, and choose what you like, after all it’s your money and time.

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